social networking

friendsterBefore the online community was taken by the novelty of Facebook or Twitter; another company was already spearheading photo sharing apps, instant messaging and the most basic of social networking. But in the vast world of cyber space, the competition heated up with the coming in of more user friendly apps with a blast of different online games for every registered user. As more and more people got hooked with Farmville and other games on Facebook, Friendster was slowly ignored and was easily forgotten by some of its users. Nothing was heard from them until recently when they tried to level up the playing field by introducing the site as a new “social gaming” venue for the online community. [click to continue…]

While the never ending discussion of where the boundaries of technology should stop, and would man be able to live comfortably without the use of computers, cellular phones, or similar gadgetry be possible; the ever famous cyber community of Google is on its final phase of mass producing another in electronic gadget you will find in the market soon. Introducing “Project Glasses”, a form of augmented reality glasses which uses advance technology embedded in a stylish and casual looking silver frame which you can wear anytime and anywhere. Now you can do so much without touching your cell phone or opening your laptop if you are in a WiFi zone just to check your social networking site, or to get some information from the web. [click to continue…]