When seeking to improve anything regarding your business, service or product, it is important that you acquire and pay attention to feedback from various customers. Feedback is important because they help you see things that you may be missing from the big picture. Usually, it is the customers who tell you which parts you should improve and which ones should go. Is your procedure too slow? Are your products satisfying? Is there anything else you need to work on? Whether it’s constructive criticism or praises and comments, it is important for you to pay attention to whatever your customer is saying. [click to continue…]

facebook organ donorEnough of the social bickering and cyber bullying that are often associated with the world’s leading social network – Facebook. Proving to the world how influential and how technology can be of great assistance to social work, its founder Mark Zuckerberg and some of the high executives of the company initiated the move to encourage its millions of subscribers to actually become organ donors for those who are waiting in line to be blessed with some vital organs that would help them live longer. [click to continue…]

friendsterBefore the online community was taken by the novelty of Facebook or Twitter; another company was already spearheading photo sharing apps, instant messaging and the most basic of social networking. But in the vast world of cyber space, the competition heated up with the coming in of more user friendly apps with a blast of different online games for every registered user. As more and more people got hooked with Farmville and other games on Facebook, Friendster was slowly ignored and was easily forgotten by some of its users. Nothing was heard from them until recently when they tried to level up the playing field by introducing the site as a new “social gaming” venue for the online community. [click to continue…]

Who would not be familiar with perhaps two of the biggest names in the cyber community and social networking – Microsoft and Facebook? Just recently, Microsoft have engaged in a potential investment from AOL into purchasing about 925 of its patented applications for $1 billion but now the giant company is trying to make a deal with the most patronized social networking site in the whole industry today. The company is trying to sell about 70% of its acquired patents to Facebook for only half the price of what it has given AOL. With the fast-paced world of the cyber community, it is hardly any wonder why leading business owners in the industry are trying to make ventures here and there, just to make their companies much better, and possibly much more advanced and secure. [click to continue…]

Facebook buys Instagram

by Jeff on April 20, 2012

in news

facebook buys instagram
The biggest social- networking website in the world has gone a step further to secure another app right to their name. Facebook is reported to have made a $1 billion offer to Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that has rocked the tech world in the last 15 months. This will be Facebook’s biggest acquisition yet, and she already has the most users on one social network.
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