Audio Video Editing and Podcast Distribution

Audio/Video Editing & Distribution

Multimedia has become one of the most powerful means of conveying thoughts to others. Not only is it creative, it is also very dynamic. Allow us to handle your audio and video editing and distribution and let your audience to become immersed in viewing by providing multimedia using imaginative concepts combined innovative techniques.

Uses of Audio-Video Multimedia

You may communicate with people by using words. There are times, however, that hearing things and seeing actions instead of reading about them can make significant difference when proving a point, conveying a message or making an impact.  There are various things that people use audio-video multimedia for:

Having or distributing a copy of coverage footage and review videos of certain events such as conventions, seminars and workshops.

  • Dynamic event advertisements, announcements and invitations. This works not only for corporate events but also for personal celebrations. Most people tend to make DIY trailers as wedding invitations. They shoot the video and then have it edited by a professional later.
  • Introduction of new products and services may also be done by shooting a simple video of the product or service demonstration.
  • Video blogging. Though video blogging has been known only to be made at home using a regular camera or web cam, some companies also use video blogging to a higher and more professional quality.

What We Can Do

We know that Audio-Video editing can be tricky. We will work on your multimedia content while paying close attention to detail and quality. Overlooking one slightly may mean a great sacrifice for another. Another thing we particularly practice is that we always take into consideration what the client is using the audio-video content for. Is it for distribution? Is it for online use? Is it for an advertisement? Is it for personal events? Is it a marketing strategy tool?

It is important for us to determine the nature in which the Audio-Video multimedia is to be used in so we can focus on important details. These details include the format of the audio and video, bitrate, frames-per-second (fps), resolution and the like. This is necessary in order to produce the highest possible quality of multimedia that fits the needs and purpose of our clients. We make sure that such jargons and details are not for our clients to worry about. Our job is to produce great quality audio-video processing that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.